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Welcome to the Waresley and Gransden Woods website

This website is dedicated to providing information on all topics relating to the Waresley and Gransden Woods reserves of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.  For directions to the reserve follow this link


August Update


05/08/2018 - these bright orange berries are the fruit of the plant named variously as lords and ladies, cuckoopint, Jack-in-the-pulpit or as host of other names.  The berries of course are poisonous.  A rare bit of colour in the parched wood.

29/07/2018 - if you look carefully under the leaves of the wood's hazel trees you might see the growing hazel nuts, as pictured above.  These nuts will be quickly found by the wood's squirrels, usually well before they ripen.  Gnawed and discarded shells will be increasing found on under the most productive trees.

22/07/2018 - the wood's most impressive butterfly, the silver washed fritillary can found on the wing during July.  Unfortunately we had a short trip abroad during this time so were unable to see this butterfly as much as we wanted.  Also not so many photographic chances, the pic above was the best of a small bunch.  During this time of the year the wood's glade is a mass of betony.  Soon this glade will become the prime hunting area for hawker dragonflies.


Conservation work parties begin Sunday 9th September, dates are:

9th & 23rd Sept
7th & 21st Oct
4th & 18th Nov
2nd, 16th & 30 Dec
13th & 27th Jan 2019
10th & 24th Feb
10th & 24th Mar

Last Update 18/02/2018

The wood's small meadow has had its annual grass cut.  Click here to see what we have achieved so far.

Want to see what the reserves looked like in December 1945?  Well you can now using Google Earth.  Click here for more details.




To learn more about the history of Waresley parish and the amenities it has to offer, click on this link to visit the village's website.
A recent family wedding, proof that we can still both scrub up quite well.

If you have any questions about the woods, require further information on work parties or wish to comment upon this website, you can contact me, Graham Moorby, Volunteer Warden at:








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