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Welcome to the Waresley and Gransden Woods website

This website is dedicated to providing information on all topics relating to the Waresley and Gransden Woods reserves of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.  For directions to visit the reserve follow this link


At Last, a Web Site Update


05/01/2020 - my first visit to the reserve of 2020. Because of wet weather in December the Wildlife Trust have decided to close part of the wood to prevent too much damage occurring to the main rides. This of course has put more pressure on the wood's other paths and threatens to damage much of the path protection work we have done the past couple of years. Visitor please wear correct foot wear, stay on the paths at all times and walk in the middle of the path and not along its edge.

Since my last update, the coppice section on the main ride has changed quite a bit.  Most of the main hazel stools have been cut in one of the coppice scallops, except for those along the ride side ditch. On my last visit I started to cut some of these hazel, laying a "dead hedge" along the ditch.  Much work remains though before this task is finished.

08/12/2019 - it's surprising how much timber one hazel stool can contain. The image below shows all the poles cut from one hazel. Very hard work if cut by a bow saw, which was why I used a chain saw. Once the cutting is finished the difficult bit starts, processing the timber into poles for hedging, topsfor stool protect and the remainder for hedge binding.

24/11/2019 - compare this coppice section view from late autumn last year, with a few leaves still hanging on, to the one above from 05/01/2020.


Conservation work party dates are:

 12th & 26 Jan 2020
9th & 23rd Feb
8th & 22nd Mar

Last Update 20/11/2019

The view above shows the conservation work so far in part of the new coppice section.  Click here to see our progress so far.

Want to see what the reserves looked like in December 1945?  Well you can now using Google Earth.  Click here for more details.




To learn more about the history of Waresley parish and the amenities it has to offer, click on this link to visit the village's website.
A pic on the beach from last year's holiday in Devon.  As usual we have had to go incognito, Barbara in shades whilst I'm barely disguised in a funny hat. 

If you have any questions about the woods, require further information on work parties or wish to comment upon this website, you can contact me, Graham Moorby, Volunteer Warden at:








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