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News - 01/05/2024

Rain has once again turned the paths to mud in the woods. But the reserve, at the moment, remains open to the public. Visitors must wear sturdy footwear (wellies or boots). Walk in the muddy middle part of the path to avoid trampling on the many flowers that are found along the path edge. If you are unsteady in slippery conditions, scared of mud or don't like cleaning boots - postpone your visit to drier times.

Conservation work parties have now finished for the season. If you're interested in joining us when work parties start again in September, contact me using the form on the About page. View the Conservation Work web page for more details of the work we carry out.

The slideshow here has been updated with images of the spring flowers that are currently blooming in the woods.-

01/05/2024 - of course the main flowers of interest at the moment are the bluebells. These indicators of ancient woodland can be seen throughout the woods, although they have a preference for the greensand areas. Other wildflowers are also available. Visit my Sightings page to keep updated with what has been sighted (or heard!) so far this year.
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30/04/2024 - on today's visit I was pleased to see wild garlic flowering again. A single plant was seen for the first time last year in the woods. I was unsure if we would see it again, as brash from the felling was stacked all around where the plant was found. However, after clearing this brash away, we now have three plants flowering.
Wild Garlic
30/04/2024 - the recent rain over the weekend has yet again turned most of the paths in the woods into muddy quagmires. In some places, as you can see in this image, the path has become a pond! Take extra care when walking in the woods, as surfaces are often uneven and very slippery.
Water on the path
12/04/2024 - just eight days after I reported paths covered with running water, the reserve has dried out considerably. And those small blue bell like flowers are getting ready for their annual place in the lime-light!