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Welcome to the Waresley and Gransden Woods website

This website is dedicated to providing information on all topics relating to the Waresley and Gransden Woods reserves of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.  For directions to visit the reserve follow this link


Returning to the Woods


23/05/2020 - we have now paid two visits to the woods since the easing of lockdown and have walked most paths. A couple of paths remain with large trees across them. The Wildlife Trust BCN are aware and will clear them when furloughed staff return. We shall be carrying out the usual "tidy up" jobs as and when required. Stay safe and take care - Graham.

16/05/2020 - the early morning view that greeted us today on our first visit to the woods since the end of March.  Really pleased to be back.

23/05/2020 -a sighting of the wood's rarest orchid, the butterfly orchid, I'll let you decide if it is the greater or lesser variety.

23/05/2020 - common spotted orchid, the second orchid hosted by the reserve, just starting to flower in the wood's glade.

23/05/2020 -the ragged robin, in their favoured spot in the glade, although I noticed a few along the main on this visit.  Not easy to photograph in windy conditions or to get them all in focus. 

23/05/2020 -a yellow rattle in the small meadow, did it benefit from the lack of any grass cutting there this spring?

16/05/2020 -the third orchid to be found in the wood, the early purple orchid.  Really glad that we were able to see some of the later flowering ones this year.  From the number of stalks it looks like they had a really good showing this year.

16/05/2020 -and finally the rather bizarre flower of the herb-paris, a bit of a rarity, as the wood only has about four specimens that are known to me.

Conservation work parties will now restart in September

Last Conservation Update 08/02/2020

The view above from before storm Dennis shows our last visit's conservation work in the main ride's coppice section.  All hazel in the two scallops has been cut.  Layering and cutting back overhanging boughs are the next jobs, weather permitting.  Click here to see our progress so far.

Want to see what the reserves looked like in December 1945?  Well you can now using Google Earth.  Click here for more details.




To learn more about the history of Waresley parish and the amenities it has to offer, click on this link to visit the village's website.

Wishing you all the best from us with a toast of elderberry cordial.

If you have any questions about the woods, require further information on work parties or wish to comment upon this website, you can contact me, Graham Moorby, Volunteer Warden at:







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