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News - 07/07/2024

After a brief hot spell, summer seems to have been put on hold for a bit. Recent rain is certain to result in some muddy patches in the woods, so once again I ask visitors to take care, wear sturdy footwear and keep to the middle of paths.

Conservation work parties have now finished for the season. If you're interested in joining us when work parties start again in September, contact me using the form on the About page. View the Conservation Work web page for more details of the work we carry out.

04/07/2024 - on today's visit we were pleased to see several silver washed fritillary butterflies. A very welcome sight in a year when the numbers of butterflies on the wing appears to be much reduced.
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Silver Washed Fritillary
04/07/2024 - the woods are in full flower at the moment. The image to the right / below shows meadowsweet in the glade (top left) and betony (top right) also in the glade. Bottom left is agrimony, by the main entrance and bottom right, purple loosestrife on the ride. Click here for a list of what we've seen so far this year.
A selection of wildflowers seen today
24/06/2024 - the brush cutter accompanied us on today's visit as I anticipated quite a bit of nettle growth along the path from the car park to the entrance of Brownes' Pieces. I was not disappointed. To the right / below you can see the tidied up path, an altogether more inviting aspect for our visitors.
Grass cut entrance pathway
24/06/2024 - the three plants shown here are all taking advantage of the sunnier conditions along the main ride. The larger image is of purple loosestrife, blooming in increased numbers in the cleared section. Top right is broad-leaved willowherb, a new identification for me. And lower right is the splendidly named enchanter's nightshade, with delicate white flowers.
A selection of wildflowers seen today