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Welcome to the Waresley and Gransden Woods website

This website is dedicated to providing information on all topics relating to the Waresley and Gransden Woods reserves of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.  For directions to visit the reserve follow this link


Life in Lockdown #3


25/01/2021 - we have not visited the woods since the start of lockdown number 3 on the 26th December, as we live too far away.  Hence no further conservation work has taken place and no updates posted either.  Fortunately we are able to walk into the countryside from St Ives, floods permitting.  It was during one of our recent daily exercise walks that we came the closest I've ever been to an otter.  And I managed to get a fairly decent photo as well, which I'm sharing below.

On my last visit the reserve was closed due to the extremely wet conditions.  As far as I'm aware, this is still the case.  Brownes' Pieces remains open.

Stay safe and respect social distancing while visiting - Graham.

20/12/2020 - a much drier coppicing session today with a clear blue sky for most of our visit.  This time we were working at the far end of the section, shown in the pic below.  Started off by cutting back the stools and processing the brash left from last week's session.  Then we continued to remove hazel from along the ride side edge.  Though we have made good progress in the last few sessions quite a bit of work remains to be done here.  For the moment the reserve remains closed, with Trust signage showing how damage and loss of flora has been caused in the past by these type of conditions.  Brownes' Pieces remains open.

13/12/2020 - a very wet coppicing session today, although to be fair we had seen the forecast.  A great deal achieved with two chainsaws in operation.  Many thanks for your assistance and company David, I hope you didn't take too long to dry out.  I have started removing the hazel stools along the ride side edge, so the full extent of the new scallop will soon be visible.

06/12/2020 - we made our first visit back to the woods after lockdown 2 this morning.  The foggy conditions showed the trees at their atmospheric best and also made for an interesting drive as well.  The reserve remains closed to the public due to the water-logged state of the paths and rides.

Conservation work parties have been temporarily suspended due to tier four travel restrictions


Last Conservation Update 21/12/2020

The coppice section shown above is being cleared as we remove vegetation.  Last cut in 2008 it contains a good selection of large hazel stools.  Click here or the on the image to open my 2020 conservation work flickr album to see our progress so far.

Want to see what the reserves looked like in December 1945?  Well you can now using Google Earth.  Click here for more details.




To learn more about the history of Waresley parish and the amenities it has to offer, click on this link to visit the village's website.

Taken during our late summer break in South Devon on the terrace of Overbecks, near Salcombe.  A lovely garden and very special place.

If you have any questions about the woods, require further information on work parties or wish to comment upon this website, you can contact me, Graham Moorby, Volunteer Warden at:



Just to be crystal clear, all views expressed here are my own.





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