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Conservation Slideshow Update 21/03/2024

The fortnightly Sunday morning conservation work parties in the wood will be running until the end of March 2024. Contact me for more details, by clicking this link, if you are interested in joining us.

The conservation work that we carry out is the clearing of different areas of the wood. In this area we coppice (cut down) any small trees or shrubs that have grown up since the last cut. Our aim is to create an open, sunlit area within the wood in which plants, insects and birds thrive. I will provide all the tools that are required (mainly bow saws and loppers) and instruct volunteers how to use the tools safely. All you need to do is wear suitable clothing, footwear and gloves. And, most importantly, bring refreshments for tea break time.

The slideshow below, hosted on Flickr, shows the progress of the conservation work in the reserve for the 2023-24 season. Alternatively, for more woodland pictures on Flickr click here.

The_greenman referred to below is my internet alter ego.

Conservation Work 2023-24